JK Web Designs

James Kennedy

Founder & Web Developer

Welcome to the beating heart of JK Web Designs. We are now in our 6th year of providing unique solutions to many businesses in Herts, Beds & Bucks.

The company was set-up when our founder and developer James, took charge of a website belonging to a local preschool based near Tring.

From what was then a hobby, to what is now a business, we have developed a reputaiton for bespoke websites, video creation projects, domain management plans and much more. Find our more about our different service options!


As well as being able to design your website from the ground up, we can continue to maintain your website with a monthly contract. 

In addition to website designs and building, we also have an in-house Graphic Designer. Specialising in branding and advertising for your business, in addition to other aspects of the industry.

JK Web Designs also offer a range of domain services. Everything from domain set-up to domain management we've got you covered. Our team has ample experience in this with our existing sites. This can also be done with a monthly contract. Domain Management can also entail email hosting services. This is a very useful service utilised by many of our clients due to the added security, professionalism and integrity a series of custom email addresses can offer. 

Various photography and videography services are also on offer. We can create bespoke Virtual Tours or compile a video to promote your business through captivating content in audio and video form. This is a useful way to promote your company, particularly proven during the pandemic and whilst being able to do so in an up-to-date way.

Our Services

We can manage, co-ordinate and maintain your domain.

Let us create videos to promote your business.

Modern websites built in house to the highest standard.

All graphic design work taken into account.

Why Should we Design Your Website?

Not only have we been creating websites for the past 6 years, we have always had an interest in the technology available to us. We have also been keen on helping others with technology too; whether that be helping grandparents with their phones or helping friends with game consoles/PC configurations.

At JK Web Designs, we pride ourselves in providing, secure, modern and clean looking websites. We have always had an interest in modern technology and try to incorporate as much relevant technology into our projects all the time. The other key aspect of choosing JK Web Designs is that a great site, service and price is guaranteed!